Core Values

VTI header core values

Restless Energy to Advance Science

At Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), we understand that scientific advancement only happens when innovative approaches are combined with inquisitiveness and an energetic drive to achieve better solutions than those that are currently available. This idea drives our desire to learn more, create more, and pursue superior performance for our product offerings to improve human health and quality of life.

Collaboration and Respect

It is through diverse experiences, talents and ideas that VTI was envisioned and developed, and these qualities are what we value most in our relationships, both internally and in the broader context of our collaboration with eye care practitioners and the patients who use our products. VTI fosters an inclusive, respectful environment that facilitates mutual trust among stakeholders, allowing innovation, empowerment, social responsibility, a commitment to excellence, and equal opportunity to remain top priority in all that we do.

Integrity throughout Every Enterprise

Maintaining integrity throughout every enterprise—from product design to consumer marketing to clinical trials—reflects the initial vision with which our founders began the company. VTI started as a company seeking to improve human health and redefine vision, and maintains that trajectory in all decisions, present offerings, and future plans for progress.

Accountability to all Stakeholders

Just as collaboration expands a company’s horizons, accountability provides a solid foundation for its future growth and success. Our commitments to our patients, eye care providers, investors, employees and stakeholders are products and research that are grounded in data and show superior performance in clinical trials. Additionally, to show accountability to our community and to the world in which we live, we believe in sustainable practices as a basic corporate responsibility.