Patient Stories and Testimonials

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Patients prefer NaturalVue® (etafilcon A) Multifocal 1 Day Contact Lenses nearly 4:1 vs. other select Multifocal Contact Lenses1

Here are some reasons why:

“I could never go back!”

Jane D., artist (stained glass), Roanoke, VA Soon after her husband retired, Jane D. of Roanoke, decided it was time for her to slow down as well. One of the many hobbies Jane found was creating stained glass. She took a class five years ago and immediately fell in love with the rich colors, intricate designs and beauty and tradition of the art. However, Jane noted that over time, it had become harder to enjoy her hobby due to… Read more »
VTI stories Jane D.

“Finally, something new that works for me!”

Julie I., active mom and business owner, Roswell, GA “Do you have anything new for me to try?” Julie asked this question every time she went to her eye doctor, Dr. Jennifer Dattolo. Having been a life-long contact lens wearer, the changes in her vision were really starting to aggravate her. Julie started wearing contacts at 10. She could see well and loved the fact that she didn’t have to worry about wearing glasses. But at 53… Read more »
VTI stories Julie I. and family

“NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lenses – the Greatest for Active Lifestyles!”

Sal B. San Diego, CA After first experiencing difficulty reading music with our church choir, I soon found myself enslaved to reading glasses. Like so many people in their 40s and 50s, I had reading glasses scattered all over the house, on every end table, in the car, and around my desk at work. By necessity, they became my constant companion and remained within arm’s reach at all times. I could never get use to the “monovision” correction approach and… Read more »
VTI patient stories Sal B.

“You Will Not Be Disappointed”

Susan F. Chicago, Illinois
“When I started wearing NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lenses, it reminded me of what vision was like when I was younger. I can look up at a tree and see the details of individual leaves. At the same time, even the finest print is crisp and clear up close. You will not be disappointed.”

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“I Can See at Every Distance.”

John L. Atlanta, GA 
“For years, I made do with my regular glasses, but I had to take them off to see up close. These NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lenses are more convenient, and also more effective. I can see at every distance. I can use the navigation in my new car for the first time because I can actually see the dashboard clearly.”

“Thanks to NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lenses.”

Matt V. Seattle, WA 
“When I first had trouble seeing clearly up close, I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear my contact lenses any longer. I wasn’t looking forward to that. But thanks to NaturalVue® Multifocal Contact Lenses, I can keep going in contacts, with clear vision, no matter where I look.”

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1. VTI Data on file, 2015 N=59. Data assessed after 1 week of wear. Preference based on those who expressed a preference among brands tested. P<0.05