Patient Stories – Jane D.

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“I could never go back!”

VTI stories Jane D.

Jane D., Roanoke, VA – artist (stained glass)

Soon after her husband retired, Jane D. of Roanoke, decided it was time for her to slow down as well. One of the many hobbies Jane found was creating stained glass. She took a class five years ago and immediately fell in love with the rich colors, intricate designs and beauty and tradition of the art.

However, Jane noted that over time, it had become harder to enjoy her hobby due to the constant need to switch from contact lenses to reading glasses, sometimes using both for the more intricate work.

In addition, she noticed problems with her depth perception. Something as simple as going up and down stairs became more complicated.

Jane decided to try new daily disposable contact lens, called NaturalVue, recommended by her eye care professional in Roanoke. Her first reaction after wearing the lenses for just a few days was a simple, “wow!”

“I could never go back.” Jane reports the lenses were just what she’d been looking for providing exceptional comfort and most importantly vision clarity.

“I’ve been talking about these contacts to my friends and family and telling them that they had to get these,” she says. “These lenses have been wonderful. Now, when I create my patterns I don’t have to worry about switching from lenses to contacts. I wear them all the time. There is no cloudiness and my eyes don’t get tired or strained. I often forget I am wearing them; that’s a first for me!”