Patient Stories – Julie I.

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“Finally something new that works for me!”

VTI stories Julie I. and family

Julie I., Roswell, GA – active mom and business owner

“Do you have anything new for me to try?” Julie asked this question every time she went to her eye doctor, Dr. Jennifer Dattolo. Having been a life-long contact lens wearer, the changes in her vision were really starting to aggravate her. Julie started wearing contacts at 10. She could see well and loved the fact that she didn’t have to worry about wearing glasses. But at 53, her vision had started to change. When she put on her first pair of readers, she realized how much near and intermediate vision she had actually lost.

Wearing readers helped, but they were not the “style statement” she had in mind. Plus, she felt like they made her look older than she was. Mom to two busy teenagers, she did not want to look like their grandmother.

As the owner of a sign company, Julie does a lot of close-up detailed graphic work, paperwork and computer work. Her readers were not really working any longer. Julie consulted her doctor and found out about multifocal contact lenses. “Great”, she thought, “I can get back to wearing contact lenses and solve my vision issues without glasses”. Unfortunately, the multifocal contacts were good for distance vision but didn’t fully enable her to see well up close. She, once again, had to supplement her vision correction with readers.

Fast forward to February, 2016. While at her annual eye exam, Julie asked her doctor, “Anything new?” And Dr. Dattolo said “Yes, there is – New NaturalVue® Multifocal 1 Day Contact Lenses.” She tried them on and immediately noticed how well she could see. And, they were “super comfortable”. Julie is happy with her new lenses and she doesn’t have to use her readers anymore. She says the NaturalVue® Multifocals are great for reading, seeing her cell phone and for working on her computer. In fact, on the family’s recent vacation camping, she didn’t even have to think about anything but enjoying her time with her kids. “I didn’t worry about glasses…I just got to have fun with my family.”