Business policies

Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI) Business Policies and Procedures

1. Business Policy

In order to help promote the safety and integrity of our products, VTI products will be sold only through Authorized Distributors for sale only to licensed Eye Care Professionals that provide direct patient care to those patients for whom the products are ordered.

2. How to Order

To order VTI products, Eye Care Professionals must be an authorized VTI account and have a current and valid account number with VTI’s Authorized Distributor(s). Please see for ordering details.

3. Shipping Charges – Revenue Lenses

Shipping charges shall mirror our Authorized Distributor(s) current shipping policies. The Authorized Distributor(s) may waive a shipping fee if the revenue order meets a specified threshold.

4. Diagnostic Lenses

Diagnostic lenses are only intended for fitting of patients. Eye Care Professionals may not: a) sell diagnostic lenses, b) substitute diagnostic lenses for revenue lenses, or c) give diagnostic lenses away at no charge as product or practice promotions. VTI reserves the right to discontinue providing diagnostic lenses at any time.

Diagnostic lenses may be ordered from VTI’s Authorized Distributor(s) at no charge. Shipping charges shall mirror our Authorized Distributor(s) current shipping policies. When diagnostic lenses are ordered separately from revenue lens orders or if the practice does not meet the shipping threshold of revenue product, then the practice may be charged a shipping fee per order.

5. Returns and Exchange Policy

Only VTI product purchased directly from VTI through its Authorized Distributor(s) may be returned or exchanged through the Authorized Distributor(s) under their specified returns policies.

Returned products should be sent by a prepaid, traceable method, to avoid problems caused by non-receipt of goods.

Returns must be accompanied by the Authorized Distributors’ contact lens return form and is required to be completed for all VTI product returns. Note: there may be a restocking fee on returned product.

Accounts returning products in quantities in excess of quantities purchased may have their return privileges revoked.

6. Billing

All orders for VTI products are to be placed directly through Authorized Distributor(s).

Authorized Distributor(s) will invoice the VTI accounts at the prices in effect at the time of the order placement.

Invoicing, billing statements, shipping, and credit policies are as determined by Authorized Distributor(s).

7. Defective Lenses and Adverse Effect Reporting

Any product associated with a complaint, including adverse events, must be returned to comply with regulatory requirements.

If a patient experiences any product defect or adverse event associated with the use of any VTI contact lens product, please immediately notify VTI:

For questions, please call toll-free 1-844-VTI-LENS (1-844-884-5367, ext. 116), or email

Reviewed/Revised April 2022