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The science behind our optics is what enables NaturalVue® contact lenses to redefine how eye care professionals harness technology to better manage their patients’ vision needs.

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Neurofocus Optics® Technology creates an Extended Depth of Focus

Compare how today’s single vision or traditional multifocal contact lenses focus light vs. the extended depth of focus design of Neurofocus Optics® which allows multiple focal points along the visual axis to be clear.

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Focused on the fovea

The fovea is where clear vision occurs.

  • To enhance vision with the NaturalVue® Multifocal lens, adding minus moves the focal point closer to the fovea
  • With Neurofocus Optics® and EDOF technology, a RANGE of clear vision can be delivered simultaneously

The key to delivering the best vision is to move the focal point along the visual axis closer to the fovea

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The Neurofocus Optics® difference

This unique technology creates pinhole optics which results in an extended depth of focus, delivering a wider range of clear vision along the visual axis.

High amounts of

Power Progression

into the Lens


Peripheral Blur

in the Brain


Pinhole Effect

by the Brain

This VIRTUAL PINHOLE APERTURE is the mechanism which

in the Eye


DELIVERS wide range of clear vision

from the Eye

The unique amount of plus power in NaturalVue® Multifocal contact lenses is significant enough to induce peripheral blur. This generates the virtual pinhole aperture to create an Extended Depth of Focus.

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